Top Things You Can Do In Ames To Have Fun In 2017

One of the best ways to spend your time is to go to small towns and cities. These places are rarely crowded and the people tend to be quite friendly. If you happen to visit Ames, IA, then you should take advantage of this wonderful but small city and have a great time.

Let us look at some of the fun things you can do.

Brookside Park

Life in the city is never calming; there is just lot of noise and vibrations. Such distractions will never let you enjoy a calm nice feeling that you can only find in open green spaces. The Brookside Park is a beautiful landscaped scene in Ames that has a large open green space filled with tall trees, shrubs, and lovely flowers. Furthermore, Squaw Creek, a small river cuts across the park to give it a truly natural feel. There is a walking train that wind through the park and ends at the creek. Some of the park amenities that you can enjoy include grill spots, shelters, tables, basketball, baseball diamonds, volleyball, and tennis courts. If you happen to come with young children, the can enjoy wading through the pool and or have a great time skating at the skate park.

Brunnier Art Museum

If you enjoy art, then you will be glad to know you can treat yourself to several masterpieces found in the Brunnier Art Museum. The Museum contains a large and ever changing collection of paintings, textiles, decorative artistic objects, furniture and silver objects. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday 4 pm.

Reiman Gardens

Do you enjoy a scene of beautiful plants and butterflies? Then you will be glad to know that the Iowa State University campus has a garden, Reiman Gardens, which is over 100 years old. The garden covers 17 acres and they have dedicated it to nurturing different plants and butterflies to help the public appreciate nature’s true beauty. The garden contains a variety of shrubs, flowers, and plants, as well as being home to over 800 colorful butterfly species. Some of the plants are native to Iowa, but they have imported others from different places around the world.

Textile and Clothing Museum

Clothes have been a part of the human civilization and visiting the Textile and Clothing Museum will help anybody appreciate that fact. In the museum, you will find a collection of over 9.5000 unique items that date back to Roman times. The items display different styles from the Midwest to the Unites States. ISU started the museum as a training center and it’s still used by the university to teach its students.

Torrent Brewing Company

After a long day, you may want to enjoy a cold alcoholic beverage in Ames. Torrent Brewing Company has a special place for you. The company was founded by Andy McCormick and currently occupies a former warehouse. It serves a variety of brews directly from their taproom. You can sample a 5 oz drink at only $2.00. If you choose to get a pack of four beers, you will only pay $8.00. You can also order inexpensive snacks such as candy, popcorn, and enjoy them while playing a game of foosball or pool.

Overall, Ames is a fun place to be, and you can enjoy many things in Ames without leaving a hole in your pocket.