Activator Methods Technique

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Dr. Davis is both a Basic and Advanced Proficiency Rated Activator Methods® chiropractor. Using this adjusting technique exclusively, Dr. Davis is proud to be a platform instructor, teaching others how to use this fascinating instrument and assessment technique. With his experience, certifications and satisfied patients, you’re in great hands here at Elev8 Chiropractic.

Activator Methods Technique in Ames

As one of the most researched chiropractic techniques, Activator Methods® is an effective adjusting style and a favorite to the patients of Elev8 Chiropractic. Known for being gentle, this instrument adjusting doesn’t involve the twisting and popping that most associate with chiropractic care. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

This technique is beneficial for those who:

  • Have been to a chiropractor and know they can benefit from care, but are hesitant about the adjusting process.
  • Have never been to a chiropractor because they are nervous about being adjusted.

What To Expect

We’ll go through a series of tests on your visit that will tell us exactly which spot on your spine needs to be adjusted and what should be left alone. These tests help us provide you the most precise, effective adjustment possible.

All that you’ll feel is a little pressure on the area that needs to be adjusted and a rapid tap from the instrument that resets your bone into the proper position.

It’s as simple as that! Then you can get back to your day feeling refreshed.

Gentle Care for a Relaxing Visit

Great for everyone, this technique is perfect for those who seek care that is just as effective as it is gentle. Learn more about what to expect when you visit our team at Elev8 Chiropractic in Ames and let us help you transform your health today!


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