2017 Must See Landmarks In Ames IA

Ames, IA happens to be one of the most interesting places you can visit. There is a lot to see and get amazed, but you may not have the time. The good news is we have listed the top Landmarks in Ames, IA, so that you know exactly where to start your visit. Visiting these landmarks will ensure you get to see the best there is in Ames, IA even when you don't have much time to spare.

Elwood-Tallest Concrete Gnome

There are quite a few gnomes with a height to behold, as you will find out when you finally get to see Elwood. Located in the Reiman Gardens at Iowa State University, Ames, he stands at 15 feet tall, and raked a budget of $8,000. While there is another taller gnome in Polland, standing at 18 feet, he is not made of concrete and rebar. Instead, his body is made of fiberglass, meaning he is also lighter than our Elwood! Remember to take a “selfie” with this Elwood to remind you of this special visit.

Big Bluestem Shelter

It is one of the biggest conference and meeting facility designed for group of up to 200 people. The Shelter is located in Moore Memorial Park, 3050 Northbridge Ames. It's perfect for camp meetings where a close knit group of members come to brainstorm and share ideas. You will enjoy viewing its artistic roof design and amenities such as drinking fountain, Grills, electrical outlets, picnic tables, lighting, as well as access of the physically handicapped. It's one of the best places to take a relaxed break when you are on a bus trip.

Band Shell Park

Located in 6th Street and Duff Ave, the park is one of the iconic structures in Ames. It gives a magical-like appearance to the stage while at the same time projecting the musical sounds of the band that is performing on stage. The Band Shell Park boosts of amenities such as being along a Bus route, having a picnic area, restrooms, and playgrounds. You can make a one stop there and still have a great day in Ames.

Ames Veterans Memorial

It is not a place of leisure but a place of honor for those who have fought to safeguard the peace and freedom of the free world. The Ames Veterans Memorial located on 500 Grand Avenue, IA 50010. If you happen to have some time, you can pass by and honor the memories of some of our great heroes who gave up their lives to protect the freedom of others.

Ada Hayden Heritage Park

The Ada Hayden Heritage Park is located along 5205 Grand, Ames 50010 and offers numerous amenities to locals. It's among the most visible landmarks from land and the air. Among its top features are picnic areas, water spigot, covered shelters, grills, fishing spots, Lighted and handicapped access, nature area, walking paths, off-street parking, a paved bike path, boat access, etc. It is simply the ideal place to spend your time unwinding without worrying about your safety when it gets dark.

Iowa State University

A visit to Ames isn't complete if you don't checkout Iowa State University. This prestigious institution boasts of picnic facilities, research facilities, a museum, and other great marvels that you can expect to encounter in a prestigious higher institution of learning. It boats of a history that spans over 159 years, while you are still there, I would recommend paying a visit to its clothes museum and learning a few things about our people have been dressing since the beginning of this millennia.


Overall, there is simply a lot to see in Ames. However, the above landmarks are among the most spectacular and memorable ones. We hope you will enjoy your visit to Ames, IA.