Ames IA - Find Out How I Spent The Day In This Great City

If you happen to go to Ames, IA to visit a friend or simply take a day off from the busy city life, then you shouldn’t go back home before visiting some tourist attraction sites. This is a small city with lots of activities to do including sporting, eating and drinking. So here is a look at some the things you must do if you had a day in Ames IA.

Stroll Down Welch Avenue

Although there is so much to do in this great city, you will be surprised that visitors travel from across the United States just to come to Ames and take an evening stroll. So whether you are going out to hang out with friends or grabbing a bottle of beer at the bar, Welch Avenue will add more fun to the experience. There are lots of college students along the avenue and they can be fun to hang out with. If you have a couple of friends on the avenue, make sure you grab the ultimate Iowan delicacy—a Superdog. This is a hot dog covered with a variety of sauces, chips, cheese, bacon, and pineapple.

The Dollar Theater

One day is enough to have fun like you will never do. So make sure your visit to Ames is worth it by watching a movie at the dollar theater. This is actually one of the few states in the US to have things such as dollar theaters. If you love movies and popcorn then this is the place you need to visit. The theatre is located in North Grand Mall and has the most comfortable and clean atmosphere where you can enjoy a variety of movies.

Stephens Auditorium

The rich history within the walls of this auditorium is what makes it outstanding and a place you must visit before you go back home. The Stephens Auditorium was built in 1969 at Iowa State University. Clifford Y. Stephens was the benefactor of this landmark and his goal was to foster an appreciation for the performing arts in the school’s students. The complex has been modified and it now contains a theatre and a sports arena. So if you happen to be in Ames for a day, make sure you experience performing arts acts including musicals, dance, plays, and concerts.

Octagon Center for the Arts

This is the other attraction in Ames visitors should consider visiting. In fact, if you wish to see the most sophisticated arts in downtown Ames, the Octagon Center for the Arts is the place you need to be. From the center, you will enjoy the exhibits on arts and artifacts. The gallery shop is also open to the public and you can view or purchase pieces of art done by local artists.

Torrent Brewing Company

Founded by Ames home brewer Andy McCormick, the Torrent Brewing Company is where you need to be if you don’t mind grabbing a bottle or two of your favorite beer. Visitors can be part of the culture by sampling a 5 oz. brew for only $2.00. Other than just the drinks, you can also buy snacks or play games such as pool and foosball.