Best Parks and Museums In Ames Iowa

The Best Parks and Museums Located In Ames IA

Iowa is a small state dotted with many towns and cities. But one city that stands out is the Ames city. This is because the small city has the best restaurants, parks, and places visitors can go and rest. If you were to visit this city for a day, there is so much you could do. So here is a look at some of the parks and museums you should visit in Ames, Iowa.

Brookside Park

This is a must-visit park in Ames. One thing that’s outstanding for this park is the beautifully landscaped field. There are also lots of open green space full of trees, shrubs and lovely flowers. You will love the fact that Squaw Creek runs through the park. Before you leave Ames, you should walk your dog along the walking trail as you check out the incredible amenities the park has to offer. This is the best place to go for a family picnic since there are shelters, tables, and grill spots. Also enjoy basketball, volleyball and tennis matches.

Brunnier Art Museum

This museum holds the history of the city although it’s not the oldest in the state. It was founded by Henry J. and Ann Brunnier in 1975. You will find this museum in the Iowa State University Campus. It is important to understand that ISU has the largest collection of public art on any campus in the whole of the United States. This is the reason why the museum is a place you must visit when in Iowa.
McFarland Park
This is a 200-acre park located north of Ames. There is so much you can do around the McFarland Park and a variety of habitats to explore. This includes woodlands and prairie. Other than what you would expect from a park, you can also take your family to the picnic areas, youth camping site or enjoy 5.5 miles of trails for cycling and hiking. The good news is that this park is open all year round, all day long until 10 pm. So if you happen to be in Iowa for a day, any day, make sure you check out this park.

Textile and Clothing Museum

It is amazing how the Textile and Clothing Museum of Ames grew to be one of the top tourist attraction sites in the city. The museum grew out of a small collection used to teach students of the Iowa State University College of Human Sciences. Today, the museum contains over 9,500 unique items that date from the Roman period to date. So if you are a historian, this is where you will see clothing styles worn from the Midwest to the rest of the US and the whole world.

Reiman Gardens

Your visit to Amen will not be complete until you visit the Reiman Gardens. This is a garden that has been part of the ISU campus for over 100 years and still remains one of the most visited gardens in the city. This garden has a wide variety of plants, shrubs, and flowers you will never believe existed. Some are native and some have been imported from all over the world. You will surely enjoy the experience.